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Tab-delimited files relating the Molecule Pages to protein accession and NCBI Gene ID are available for ftp download. We also provide text files with name, synonym, and sequence information.

AfCS Data Center

This is an archive of data collected by the Alliance for Cellular Signaling from 2000-2005. The Plasmid Database was maintained through 2011.

Yeast-2 hybrid
Signaling Update

An archive of the Signaling Update articles and news provided by Nature Journal, from 2002 through 2011.

The UCSD Signaling Gateway Molecule Pages provide essential information on over thousands of proteins involved in cellular signaling. Each Molecule Page contains regularly updated information derived from public data sources as well as sequence analysis, references and links to other databases. Published Molecule Pages contain an expert-authored review article that describes the biological activity, regulation and localization of the protein.

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