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Functions Section


This page presents a comprehensive list of the known biological functions of each state of the molecule. Functions include such roles as enzymatic catalysis and ion transport. Each state of the molecule can be associated with one or more of the following functions: receptor, enzyme, channel, transporter or transcription factor. Many proteins also function as binding proteins, adaptors or scaffolding proteins. This functional information is not captured in this section but rather is implied by the creation of protein complexes as states.

The function list gives an overview of the functions assigned to the molecule split up into tables for the five function types (channel, enzyme, receptor, transcription factor, and transporter). Clicking on the function detail icon (a white "F" on a green background) takes you to the detail page where kinetic data, comments, and citations are also available. Note that clicking on a state name will take you to the state detail page, not the function detail page.