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Transitions Section


A transition is a biological process that causes the conversion of a protein from one state to another. The transitions list should be a comprehensive list of all the transitions that occur between pairs of states of the molecule. Moving your mouse over the name of each transition will display the full signatures of the starting and ending state. The state descriptions are listed on the transition detail pages.

You can view information that has been entered for each transition from different starting points. You can click on each transition from the list in the transitions list. You can also click on transitions in both the network map and the individual transition graphs.

Whereas the network map shows all of the transitions defined for the molecule, transition graphs show only the transitions to and from a particular state (which is in the center of the graph). Like the network map, transition graphs do not contain any information that is not contained in textual or tabular form elsewhere, but they may provide a useful means to check the completeness of the information. Clicking on an oval in a transition graph recenters the graph on that state; clicking on an arrow provides detailed information on that transition. Transition graphs can be reached by clicking on the appropriate icon (two blue circles) in either the state list or state detail pages. The icon is only shown when transitions exist for that state.

a screenshot of a single state transition graph