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The Molecule Pages Protein List


The Molecule Pages Protein List is a web-based interface that the public can use to browse the signaling proteins that the Signaling Gateway has chosen to investigate and characterize. The list itself is a table with four columns, Molecule Page ID, Primary Name, Functional Category, and Status, each of which is discussed below. At the top and bottom of the list table, are hyperlinks that allow the public to configure the list view, and jump to different sets of records, and these are also discussed in more detail below.

List Columns

Molecule Page ID

The Molecule Page ID is a unique identifier for each protein investigated by the Signaling Gateway, and is the primary identifier for a Molecule Page. It is constant across all published versions of each Molecule Page.

Primary Name

The Signaling Gateway chooses a name considered to be representative for the protein. Each entry in this column is a hyperlink that the user can use to progress to the latest Molecule Page for that protein, where they can see alternate names gathered from the public databases.

Functional Category

The Signaling Gateway assigns a primary functional category to each protein. Alternate functional categories can be found by looking at the Gene Ontology annotations in the protein family section of the Molecule Page. You can view a list of all functional categories used in the Molecule Pages.


If the value in this column is 'Unassigned', then this Molecule Page has yet to be assigned an author, and you can apply for this Molecule Page by clicking on the 'author application' link in the Molecule Pages main menu, and entering the relevant Molecule Page ID. Molecule Pages with a status of 'Assigned' have already been assigned an author.

Publication Date

If a value is provided in this column, it is the last publication date for this Molecule Page. Molecule Pages are added to, peer reviewed, and published regularly, and sorting on this column a convenient way to find the latest publications.

List Navigation

Sorting By Column Values

You can sort the protein list by either Molecule Page ID, name, or category by clicking on the 'sort' link in the appropriate column heading. The current sort order is indicated by the orange 'sort' link. The sort order of the current sort column can be reversed by clicking on the orange 'sort' link again.

Navigating Around The List

A navigation table is displayed above the protein list. The top-left entry in the table tells you the portion of the list you are currently viewing. Next to that are links to the previous and next set of records in the list, allowing you to browse the list sequentially. In the row below are a set of links that allow you to jump directly to entries in the list where the values in the current 'sort' column start with the specified letter (if you are sorting by name or category) or number (if you are sorting by ID). If no records are found that exactly match the requested value, then records before and after the requested value will be shown.

Viewing More Records

By default, the protein list is displayed with 50 records per page. Depending on your bandwidth, you may wish to change this to a higher or lower number, and you can do so using the drop down menu in the top row of the navigation table (which should initially show "50 records per page").

Search the Molecule Pages

The top right hyperlink in the navigation table takes you to a form that allows you to search the Molecule Page list. (This is the same interface reached by clicking on 'search molecule pages' in the main menu.)