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Interactions Section


The Interactions section of a Molecule Page shows the relations or potential relations between the Molecule Page Protein and interaction database entries. Interaction DB references are categorized in three distinct categories, segregated by interaction database type.

Interaction DB Record Categories

References to sequence

The interaction database refers to the same sequence as the Molecule Page.

References to variants

The interaction database refers to a sequence variant of the Molecule Page sequence. This may imply that the Molecule Page sequence could participate the same interaction, but if the sequence variant is a splice variant or due to a SNP which affects the interaction site, then the behavior could be different. In practice, very few of the interaction database entries designate splice variant specificity - and even then the protein record reference might not have anything to do with that. In general, one needs to dig deeper than the sequence reference itself to determine if the interaction reference applies.

References to homologs

The interaction database refers to a potential homolog of the Molecule Page sequence. We use HomoloGene (NCBI), Ensembl, and gene symbol similarity to find potential orthologs, with Blast similarity used for verification. This method is not comprehensive, and does sometime find false positives. In addition, orthology is not a guarantee of similar interaction behavior, so a degree of skepticism should be applied to the results in this section.

Interaction Record Fields


This is a link to more detailed information for the specific interaction, including the description of the interaction, relevant Pubmed references, and the database records IDs and gene mapping for the proteins involved in the interaction.

Database ID

The ID of the Interaction database record listed, hyperlinked to the web site of the source - where detailed information on the interaction record can be found.


The species in which the interaction was found.


A short description of the protein interacting with the Molecule Page protein. If the interactant is not mapped to a Protein database record ID, then this field will have a description of the interaction.