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Protein A003584
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Published 17 May 2005
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UCSD Nature Molecule Pages
Published online: 17 May 2005 | doi:10.1038/mp.a003584.01


Basis Sequence: Mouse

H. Garrett R Thompson1, James P Brody1

1Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Irvine, CA 92697, US.

Correspondence should be addressed to James P Brody:

Functional states What are functional states?
State descriptionState nameLocationTransition graph
Rpn8/26S Proteasome(Psma1) (Psma2) (Psma3) (Psma4) (Psma5) (Psma6) (Psmb4) (Psmb1) (Psmb8) (Psmb2) (Psmb9) (Psmb3) (Psma7) (Psmb5) (Psmb10) (Psmb6) (Psmb7) (Rpt2) (Psmc2) (Psmc3) (Psmc4) (Psmc5) (Psmc6) (Psmd1) (Psmd3) (Psmd2) (Psmd4) (Psmd5) (Psmd6) (Psmd7) (Psmd8) (Psmd9) (Psmd10) (Psmd11) (Psmd12) (Psmd13) (Psmd14)UnknownView transition graph
Rpn8 (nuc)(Psmd7)[2]nucleusView transition graph
Rpn8 (cyto)(Psmd7)[3]cytoplasmView transition graph
Rpn8-P(Psmd7 P)cytoplasmView transition graph
Rpn8/19S complex(Rpt2) (Psmc2) (Psmc3) (Psmc4) (Psmc5) (Psmc6) (Psmd1) (Psmd3) (Psmd2) (Psmd4) (Psmd5) (Psmd6) (Psmd7) (Psmd8) (Psmd9) (Psmd10) (Psmd11) (Psmd12) (Psmd13) (Psmd14)UnknownView transition graph